How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro

It’s always wise to start with the basics if you wanted to play blackjack like a pro. Learning the rules is just the beginning. There’s no need for you to consult an expert as experience is always the best teacher. Here are the rules and some strategies that could help you get started.

How to play the game

Most online blackjack Singapore players are a pro at the game. But this should not intimidate you to do just as better. This is among the easiest online casino games out there albeit with a lot of gameplay rules every player needs to get familiar with.

We’ll be going through the most important items in understanding and learning the basics of playing blackjack online.

The deck of cards

The blackjack game uses a standard deck with 52 cards. However, this is not the case for all online casino websites or actual brick and mortar casinos. Some use several decks shuffled altogether even up to six decks of a whopping 312 total cards.

The objective

The game’s objective is pretty straightforward. Every player on the table must beat the dealer by having cards equivalent or as close to the value of 21. Going beyond that number means a loss for the player.

Card’s face values

Similar to the objective of the game, knowing the value of each card is very simple. Card numbers from 2-10 have a value of the same number while face cards such as Jack, Queen, and King have a value of 10. The ace can either be 1 or 11 depending on the player’s call.

How to place a wager

Placing a wager takes place before the dealer’s hands out any cards on the blackjack table for the players. Players use chips across the table to make their bets. Each game may require a different minimum and maximum wager limits before the game begins.

Shuffling and dealing the cards

The dealer shuffles the cards and may involve a player to cut the deck and place a blank plastic card that would separate the bottom cards become unusable. Once all the bets are placed, the dealer will now hand out a face-up card for each player including himself in a clockwise rotation.

Another round of face-up cards will be handed out by the dealer to the players except he’ll be having a face-down card for himself.

Getting a natural or blackjack

A natural or a blackjack occurs when a player’s initial two cards are a 10 or any face card plus an ace card. This means the player has a total of 21 cards. The player also automatically winds a half times of his bet if the dealer doesn’t get a natural either.

If the dealer gets a natural, he wins and all the wagers will be collected except if there’s anyone who manages to also have a natural.

Blackjack tips and strategies

Blackjack online games may require a lot of skill and strategy to be successful and many players do not have the necessary knowledge to play this card game on their own. For this reason, there are many blackjack systems that can teach you strategies and tricks on how to play blackjack more effectively.

The art of counting cards

You must know your card counting skills. This includes knowing which cards are worth the most and which cards you should avoid if you want to increase your card count.

The best way to improve your card counting skills is to play blackjack online as frequently as possible. Most people never learn how to count cards and when they try to learn they are discouraged because of how tough it can get.

However, it is actually easier to learn than to master once you play several times. Having a solid foundation of math and logic to do your card counting is important. Make sure that you understand how to keep track of your cards and the odds as well. Simply put, keeping your focus is at the heart of it all.

Taking advantage of nonverbal cues

This may come to you as a surprise but bluffing is an actual thing in online casino games such as blackjack. Learning how to read people’s gestures or body languages can help you play better at any games not just blackjack online.