History of Roulette Game

In most pieces of literature, history is always a fascinating topic to learn about. Today, we will be diving into the interesting origin of one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Where it all started

The game roulette is nothing like any other game of chance at the time. It was unique for its number-betting mechanics which involves a wheel. It was a game known for its creativity and thrilling gameplay where there’s a lot more anticipation involved.

Many believed that the game all started in Italy, France. The first variation of this game was known and called “cavagnole”, “biribi”, or “biribissi”. These are names that point towards further evidence that it was indeed from France.

The concept where betting on numbers became more common during the development of the game roulette. Before roulette online even became a thing, science and technology were already a big part of its further development.

Some casino experts also believe that Blaise Pascal was the man behind the invention of the game. It was said that he invented the wheel alongside his obsession with the creation of the perpetual motion machine in the 17th century.

Sadly, none of this has ever been historically proven nor confirmed. There are even other claims that the game originated from China with an old game having very similar game mechanics with that of roulette.

The wheel starts spinning

Gambling scholars highly believe that the gaming wheel was invented in 1720 in France. For many years, the wheel served to be played as “Roly-Poly”, and sometimes, “Even Odds” where it is strikingly similar to the spinning and betting gameplay that we are familiar with today.

While the game is starting to gain popularity across Europe, the game and many other gambling games have all been banned. Any form of gambling was prohibited even among the royalties and elites. At the end of the 18th century, gambling laws are implemented and betting games started to get back.

This saw the rise of roulette games across Europe. One of the most popular game variations that gained a lot of attention was French roulette.

Roulette over the years

Roulette started to take its shape over the years. The early 1800s saw the introduction of the color green that was used to mark zeros. The French roulette has both “0” and “00” pockets and further variations of this game do not have “00”.

This variation that does not have the “00” was created by the twin brothers Francois and Louis Blanc in 1843. Their goal is to give a lower house edge percentage so that more people would be attracted to play.

Lucky for them, it was a complete success and their roulette variation had remained even to this day.

The game that we now know today

Roulette had definitely been through a lot of ups and downs over the years. This includes the time where it was even restricted at some point. But its success proves that casino and betting games as a whole have stood the test of time.

The modern age that we now live in has even introduced a far more accessible and efficient way to enjoy these games whenever we wanted to. Playing roulette online is truly a remarkable feat that no one back in the day would even expect that it is all possible.

Why people love playing roulette

People enjoy gambling in the casino because they can get to gamble in a fun environment. When people want to have a good time, they like to have a casino, and they like to play in a place that has fun games and great games, and roulette is a great game to be playing in.


Whether you are looking for a casino to play roulette in or looking to get in on the craze, it is important to remember that the history of roulette is rich and interesting.

The game can be fun and exciting or can also be educational. Regardless of what you plan on playing for, remember that there are many options out there that can either make the experience fun or educational.