What casino games Singapore online casinos have to offer

With so many casinos opening up across the country, one of the most popular casino games in Singapore has just about become impossible to miss. Roulette, blackjack, slots, and poker have been some of the most popular games in casinos all over the world for many years now.

In fact, many celebrities and rich individuals in the local business circles frequent roulette and other casino games in Singapore as well.


There are two main reasons why roulette is popular in Singapore. The first reason is the fact that gambling has been made legal in this country and all licensed gaming establishments and land-based casinos are located here.

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for roulette because of the high reliability of the place. In fact, even though gambling is illegal in Singapore, the government does not prohibit it outright but tries to restrict the number of gaming establishments on the island to ensure the integrity of the game.


There are several factors as to why Poker is so popular in Singapore. Poker is so popular in Singapore because there is an interesting mix of casino games and card rooms here in Singapore, which means there is never a shortage of places to play your favorite game.

The game is also popular because of the live poker tournaments that are held at various online poker rooms in the country. There are a wide variety of live poker tournaments available all across the country, and they are usually open to all types of poker players from novice to expert.


There are two types of slots that are popular in Singapore online casino sites which are operated on a pay-line basis. These include progressive slots and straight slots. With the progressive slots, the reels start spinning one after another and the machine hits every spin even if it does not pay off.

Sic bo

One of the newest games that are becoming quite popular is Sic Bo. This game involves a betting system that has been created by professional gamblers that allows you to get more payouts than you would from traditional roulette or baccarat games.

With the large prize rewards and attractive payouts, it makes sense that this is one game that can transform you completely from a casual player to a professional that can take over the local casinos with their winning strategies and winning odds.


Esports isn’t technically a casino game, but more or less, a betting game. Regardless, this popular online betting activity is very worth mentioning. Esports has a massive number of followers, players, and bettors not only across Singapore or other Asian territories.

The US and the UK have a fair share of the market for these kinds of sports betting due to Esports’ popularity. Games such as League of Legends, DotA2, CS: GO, and more are only some of the most-viewed content in many game-streaming platforms online.

Real money online gambling in Singapore

The online gambling state of online casinos in Singapore can figuratively be compared to how lively and colorful Vegas is. There are tons of online casino games to explore, with a collection of other game varieties as well. Overall, there are no shortages of exciting games to gamble and bet on.

To say that Singapore has the best casino games could be an understatement. It is home to many game variations that create an extensive library of games that offer different themes, gameplay mechanics, and other little fun surprises.

On top of that, many online casinos in Singapore offer countless bonuses, promotions, and deals to complement your gambling experience. These online casinos are most flexible when it comes to the availability and accessibility of currencies and language preferences.

The live dealer games are some of the best things you should not miss in Singapore online casino sites. They have the most immersive and entertaining live dealer casino games along with many sexy and gorgeously-looking dealers.

All that said, gambling in online casinos in Singapore is truly getting your money’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an age where the internet is booming and often considered a necessity across all forms of media, industry, and business, gambling online is amongst the many markets that generate billions of dollars every year.

There are so many fascinating facts to learn about online gambling like how it is able to fund government projects, to as ridiculous as success stories of casino billionaires, there is a lot to unpack, to say the least.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about gambling and online casinos in Singapore.

What is the Remote Gambling Act?

The Remote Gambling Act or RGA was established in 2014 to protect minor online users from gambling and gambling addiction. Additionally, the law is also to keep and reduce crimes related to gambling.

While land-based casinos are far more controlled by the government than those that can be found online, it makes online gambling in a tough spot. If you didn’t know, there are only two legally operated casinos in Singapore and the locals are only permitted to gamble in legal outlets.

Online casinos on the other hand are a different story. In any case, most online casinos are operated off-shore. This makes gambling online a bit in a gray area.

Can Singapore players use their home currency?

Of course! Despite the lack of online casinos in operations in the country, the Singapore dollar is amongst the most common currencies used on many online gambling websites in Asia.

However, it is highly recommended for everyone to be accustomed to money conversion, regardless of whether you’re a local or someone from overseas. This is because not every online casino outside the Asian territories accepts Singaporean dollars. US dollars is by far your best option.

Are your winnings taxed?

The short answer to this question is no. All the online winnings you receive will always go untaxed to the player. However, this doesn’t mean that operators are free of taxes, especially for the regulated land-based casinos.

If there is an online casino that claims to be operating in Singapore or somehow appears to be exempted by the government, they are still likely to be taxed. International websites on the other hand will still be taxed but only by a very small margin.

Where can I find good online casinos?

There are literally dozens if not, hundreds of online casinos that you can access in Singapore. Online casinos specifically for the Singapore market have grown quite significantly over the last years. The demand has pushed the industry to new heights.

This means that one of the problems that arose, or at least a question that arose is “where can you find a good online casino?”. If you go and make a quick online search of the best Singapore online casino sites, pretty much all the sites that will appear in the results are guaranteed to be a great choice.

In general, a good online casino should have everything that perhaps suits your playstyle or preference. You may enjoy betting on sports rather than playing casino games. Consider the availability and selection of payment methods, banking limitations, and accessibility of the website.

One of the best things about most online casinos in Singapore is that you also have the option to play these Singapore casino games on-the-go. All the mobile ports of each game work and run very smoothly even on smaller devices.

Also, check for 24/7 customer support, and if you can spare some more time, check for online reviews. Those are just some of the very notable things that a good online casino in Singapore should have.

Should I choose sports betting or online casino games?

This is quite an important question for most people who have no experience in gambling at all. The best answer to this question depends on one’s preference.

If you are finding sports and sports matches more appealing, then betting on sports is probably the best option for you. Otherwise, almost any online casino games can be recommended to beginners. Games like roulette, poker, slots, and sic bo are just some of the best casino games to find in Singapore.

Responsible Gambling in Singapore

Singapore is known for its fast-paced, wired society, where getting from one place to another can be a challenge. The Internet has allowed for an explosion in communication across boundaries and nowhere is that more apparent than in the online gambling world.

Gambling in Singapore dates back to the founding roots of card games, while a dazzling array of old-world casinos now provide the good-old Eastern European atmosphere to patrons looking for an adrenaline rush through casino games.

There are dozens of reputable online gambling facilities in Singapore, and more are cropping up every day. With the proliferation of these establishments, it has become imperative for a responsible online casino player to be aware of the security measures being used by his or her chosen online casino.

In the case of online casinos in Singapore, the local players should exercise due diligence and seek advice and guidance